Daily Archives: July 30, 2013

Retrieval Day!

I’ve been sitting in the prep room for 3 hours already and just waiting another hour for my procedure. Great news is my husband’s retrieval went very well!!!

Fast forward another hour and a half as I was sitting in the room after my procedure. I was feeling some intense cramping so the anesthetist gave me some anti-inflammatory medication. Then after eating a small bag of animal crackers and water per the protocol, a wave of nausea came over me and I felt extremely flush so I laid back in my chair and the nurse came back with a tablet to place under my tongue.

Driving back home usually is around 2 hours but it was truly an exception due to road construction and bad timing with the lights. I wasn’t up for any food outside of trying a chocolate shake, which tasted good and didn’t cause any additional nausea so I was in the clear. Upon arriving home I felt the need for a nap and was able to catch up on some sleep from the week of log drives and sleep deprivation! Time to relax!