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Many the Milestones

I apologize for my absence the past 2 months, however it’s with great pleasure that I can look back at all the milestones that have happened. Where do I begin? Surely, we can start off with a quick update on me and then get into the good stuff. I’m officially down 32 pounds and have remained such for the past month. I’ve got a few pounds left till I’m more satisfied but I’m amazed at how I feel… so accomplished! Now to the good stuff!

Baby Mania
 Let me start by telling you February was a good month! I know countless people who are due this November, be it family, friends and a few CF wives too. I will admit it stung a little bit at first- the people who would vent to me about their frustrations in trying to start a family were soon pregnant, however amazingly enough I learned to take it more as a good luck charm. My sister-in-law is due with her 2nd on the 7th, dear friends from my college years are due with their first the following day and my best friend, whom I have been given the great honor of being Godmother to “puffin” as she so aptly named baby, is due the 15th. I don’t know the specifics of due dates on my fellow CF wives but oh I am so happy for them. One is even pregnant with twins… oh la la!

These recent developments have actually calmed my need to begin a mom ASAP. Something clicked after all the appointments and investigation – we need to enjoy our life and soak it up while we have the chance. It’s refreshing and I don’t feel guilty buying new music, movies or books now!

My job has definitely been keeping me busy, as I continue to learn the client services side of marketing, and the demanding schedule of hockey playoffs (courtesy of sponsoring Madison Square Garden). I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to also help my sister-in-law on the side to set up her new at-home-salon. We are so proud of her for making this step and the progress looks amazing, with her marketing materials to match! In respect to my amazing husband, he has flourished in his role, managing three demanding desks (categories) in the world of retail. He came home yesterday to announce that he had been requested by the Group VP to move over to a new, larger desk – candy. This move will not only allow him to learn the grocery side of the business, but take on more responsibility and increased exposure. I know he’s ready, willing and able to rock this new desk… but I’ll surely be staying clear of all the free candy!

Creative Outlook
In addition to creating business materials for my sister-in-law, I’ve branched out to help others with my design work. I revamped my high school logo to be featured on banners throughout the new addition and all elements going forward. It’s nice to leave a legacy! Also, I really have gone crazy in tapping into my crafty side. My Cricut machine has remanded dormant since I got it for Christmas some years ago. I recently became enthralled with the opportunities and expanded my cartridges, accessories and supplies to start putting it to good use. I created vinyl wall sayings for my in-laws, door numbers for my sister-in-law, and HEMI outdoor vinyl quality for my dad to place on his truck. Men!

One of my coworkers, Lauren, who is more like a little sister, got married on May 19th. After discussions of her wedding planning and how everything was wrapping up, she admitted they did not have any toasting glasses. I was going to change that! Her wedding colors were blue and green so thankfully I had green vinyl on hand and searched for nice champagne flutes. I had seen a project when logging into my Circut Craft Room about putting vinyl to make your own champagne toasting glasses and I was excited. I think they turned out great and I know how touched she was to have them. Here they are!

For Mr. & Mrs. Simon

CF Events

On a cold, rainy Thursday in April, I had the great pleasure of attending the first annual CF Milwaukee’s Finest event. We honored 8 young professionals who dedicated the prior 6 weeks to learning more about Cystic Fibrosis and raise funds to help support finding a cure. One of those honorees is actually our great friend and fraternity brother, Rick. He actually worked with the CF Directors to start the event and beyond being proud of him, his support and involvement with the CF Foundation truly touches our heart. Above celebrating the accomplishments of the 8 honorees, I had been honored to have been asked to speak for the attendees and give them insight from a CF Wife. My words came easier thanks to my preparation and it felt so nice sharing our story and my perspective, one that not many put into consideration. I got a very sweet note from the CF Director who organized the event and it said that a CF mom came up to her to thank her for offering the new perspective. I was touched and besides, now I’m more than just a sidekick to my famous husband!

In other news, I ask that you please keep my fellow CF Wives and their husbands in your prayers. I was able to connect with another wife last week and invited her to our Facebook group, and unfortunately 3 short days later her husband passed away. I know having gotten in touch with her and introducing her to the immeasurable support of the fellow wives is a gift from God, but it hurts my heart to have her go through this so soon. There are also wives who are patiently waiting for pink, healthy lungs to give their husband’s a second chance at life and finally to breathe easy. This week a few also moved up the list and were also just recently listed. CF is a crazy disease. It’s so different from husband to husband but the one thing I’ve learned is to keep an open mind and open heart.

I beg of you to spread awareness and sign up to be an organ donor. You don’t take your organs with you to heaven and we NEED them down here.

Until next time, breathe easy my friends!