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New Lungs in Texas

Today may have started out rough but it sure ended up being a great one. I forgot my work laptop at the office last night so I had to drive 45 minutes round trip to pick it up. Shortly after my husband left for work, I noticed his ID badge was sitting on the counter so he had to come back and get it. Hot messes! So on to the good stuff…

Two weeks ago, a fellow CF Wife whose husband is #1 on the transplant list waiting for a new pair of lungs, had a dry run. A dry run is essentially a heart breaker. You spend so long in declining health and pain praying every day and night for a second chance at a better life. Naturally, when you get ‘the call’ it literally changes everything. Unfortunately that call for Darren ended with a poor pair of lungs. But late last night there was another call, one that had positive news. They rushed to the Baylor University Medical Center and this time the lungs were pink and healthy, meaning time for transplant!

The surgery itself can take anywhere from 6 – 12 hours and we are still waiting on news. I’m sure Dana is just sitting with her husband, making sure she’s as informed by the doctors and praying. I can’t wait to hear about his recovery and I just kindly ask that you lift up your prayers for my fellow CF Wife and her brave, fighting husband. He spent 49 years with a nasty pair of lungs so he truly deserves this fresh new pair for 49 more years! :0)

I leave you with a picture that came across Facebook and is so poignant that is should speak for itself. Please sign up to make a difference today and be sure to spread the word. There is no reason to be afraid of being an organ donor. Be informed!

Sign up to be a donor today!

There’s power in prayer… praying for Darren to finally breathe easy!