No More Goodbyes

A lot has happened in our CF Wives group the past few month, full of blessings and a few in sadness. When anyone asks usually they want the good first, so I will follow in that tradition. A CF husband, Nate, got the call he had been waiting for and for the first time in our group that I know of, he didn’t even end up with a dry run – he got pretty pink lungs the first time! He was out of the hospital in less than 3 weeks and is already walking and breaking in his new lungs. What a blessing! You can follow his journey here –

In moving on to the bit of sadness, a fellow wife battled breast cancer since diagnosis in April 2012, just a few short months after losing her husband to Cystic Fibrosis. Many difficult regiments of treatments in between vacations with friends and family to enjoy her final days, it just became too much. On the first of August she passed peacefully in the arms of friends and was joined at heaven’s gates by her husband. We never know the cards that will be dealt our way, but there is some solace in knowing she has joined her true love.

I found it extremely difficult to find words of comfort in her final week but pushed through to share the impact she had on her fellow CF Wives. I was amazed to see the response of other wives outside of our group saying Lisa was the first CF Wife they met and how she helped them through the years. Some people are definitely brought into your life for a reason and He had big plans for Lisa to touch the lives of many. May you rest in eternal piece with your soulmate, Lisa. You will forever be missed. To read more about Lisa’s life visit

Breathe easy my friends…


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